93-A Pine Burr Rd   Lumberton, MS 39455
(601) 796-2033
Rebuilt engines installed.
Comes with a one year no fault warranty. 
Must have a good core.
Seadoo 580/650/720  $1580
Seadoo 800 RFI $1799
Seadoo 4-strokes Est $2900-$5100
Yamaha 650/701/760  $1580
Yamaha 1100/1200(non-PV) $2103
Kawasaki 650/750  $1580
Call for prices for other units.


 Mon-Fri 9-6
Sat 9-2
Closed Sun

(I will be working in a limited capacity. 
Call first as some jobs we will not be able to do
until I have recovered fully.)

We can reset MAINT,
read codes/errors and program keys on
ALL Seadoo watercraft.

We charge $20 to program a key.

We service Seadoo single engine jetboats and PWC's for around $160,  local dealer is $400.  Dual engine jetboats are around $320, local dealer is $900.  All services are performed using OEM filters/oils and NGK sparkplugs.

12/07/19 1:30 pm
Units to be repaired -  3
 1 days behind 

Waiting on deposit - 1
Davis (GTR) 6/11/19
Parts in, to be worked - 0
Waiting on Mach shop-0
Waiting on parts - 0
To be worked  - 0
Working -  2
Aguilar (GTI) 5%
Aguilar (GTI) 25%
Waiting on Auth - 0
Lake Test - 0



Completed--waiting to
be picked up -  6

Hobson (GTX) 3/04/15

Thompson (GTX) 6/4/19
Green (R12X) 11/10/19
Brinson (Spark) 11/25/19
Copes (Ultra) 11/28/19

This month - 00

Previous month- 08

Year to date - 200

Last year-169
Our rate is $65 per hour. We are located 25
minutes to the west of Oak Grove.

I have 30 years experiance working on
Personal Watercraft and have raced them
for six years. 

I raced 3-wheelers in 1986 and 4-wheelers
on the National Circuit '87-88 switching to
jetskis in 1989.

In 1992, I was the Overall Novice Superstock Standup
Champion and Overall Stock Standup Champion in
Region 5.  I switched to the Expert class for the '93-95

We can order PWC, ATV, dirt bike and street
bike parts.  We can order Harley Davidson
aftermarket parts.