Blew-By-You PWC Services was started in February of 1996.  The business is non-franchised, thusly we do not have to show a loyality to any specific brand.   It is our intent to fill a niche in the local market where the customer will have an alternative.  An added benefit is the time we can take with the customer to explain how the PWC operates and should be maintained.

We intend for the shop to remain on a small scale because we feel we can better serve our customers.

In Jan 2001, we decided to move between Columbia and Hattiesburg, Mississippi so that my wife could be closer to her family.  It was a hard decision for me to make as it would mean losing some of the customers that have come to depend on us to take care of their problems.  I would also have to build a new shop, fight the permit folks,  get re-established with some of my parts suppliers, and go out to find new clientele.

I finished the building in July of 2002 with the majority of the work done by myself.  To see the various parts of the business, click on the following links:

Parts Dept.     Service Dept.